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Terms and Conditions

To enable the best experience for all course participants, plus efficient use of our funds and effective administration, it is important that the following points are noted. We wish to encourage people to attend courses, but also need to ensure that we safeguard against wasting resources. Please read the below points carefully and act on them!

This is all just common sense and courtesy, but experience shows us that we need to make it very clear!

  • Please always read your emails and respond to them promptly where necessary.
  • Check your diary and existing commitments before you book a place on a course.. This avoids increasing the workload of busy Administrators!
  • Once you have booked a place, note the details in your diary. You’d be surprised how many people double-book themselves, or even “forget”!
  • We understand that priorities and commitments sometimes change. Please give us as much notice as possible if you need to cancel your place (see our Cancellation policy below). Do try to plan your commitments around the course, to avoid last-minute cancellations.
  • Please attend courses with your full attention: arrive on time, stay to the end, and avoid distractions such as mobile phones. You, and others, will then get the maximum benefit.
  • Inform us in advance if you have any additional requirements. We aim to provide appropriate facilities for all our participants, so let us know what would best support you. (For instance, it may be possible to arrange a quiet room for lunch-time prayer.)

Cancellation policy and fees

  • We understand that you may unexpectedly miss courses due to illness, family emergencies etc., however there is a cancellation fee for individuals who fail to attend without a good reason and without notifying course staff at least FIVE working days before the course starts.
  • Cancellation fees are up to £100 for most courses. Courses lasting 2 days or more may have higher cancellation fees of up to £150. (These fees often cover only a portion of the cost of the course, and are required to reduce waste of resources.)
  • Unless you indicated an account to charge when you booked, cancellation fees will be payable by you personally, and by registering your place on the course you agree to pay this if requested.
  • Any appeals against the cancellation fee should be promptly registered with Dr. Jennifer Rivas-Perez and if necessary taken to the Graduate School Committee.




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