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Broadening Career Horizons

This two day course will help you keep your career options open, while you get on with your research career. It aims to give you help with the skills and confidence to manage your future career choices. You may feel that for you, at this time, all the reasons that you pursue a career as a researcher outweigh the disadvantages. But what if this changed? Would you know where to start when looking for a new career? Do you have a Plan B?

Broadening Career Horizons is a course which will help you assess what you want from a career and how to¬† esearch the career options that best suit you. You don’t have to be looking for a new career to attend this¬†course. It may be that after attending this course, you become even more sure that you are suited to an academic career. However, you will learn to realistically assess what other career paths are open to you. Importantly, this course will show you how it’s possible to come up with a Plan B (should you need it).

Topics covered include:
– evaluating your current situation
– identifying your priorities and aspirations for the future
– identifying career opportunities
– selling yourself
– continuous career management
– meet and listen to former researchers with experience of moving from academia to other job sectors.

Note: some of the topics covered in this two-day course will also be covered in “Skill Recognition/Articulation and Finding Jobs outside Academic Research” and “From Gown to Town: Career Conference”.

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