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Writing for Publication: a 12 week course

This programme is for research students and early career research staff/ postdocs who would like some support whilst writing journal papers. Participants commit to meeting for 2 hours every week and to continue to work on their writing project each week between meetings.

The programme is designed for anyone who feels they need a boost to help them produce their next paper, whether they’ve done it before or not. However participants must have material for a paper that they can work on during the course.

You will need to apply for a place on this programme, as numbers are limited. Details of how to apply will be advertised on the LEAP Skills Hub website shortly before each programme runs.

The course objectives are

– To support researchers to write research papers

– To develop writing skills and enable researchers to practice them

– To motivate de-motivated writers

– For participants to produce a piece of work for publication.

This programme offers practical help to get you published, whether you want to write up unpublished data into a new paper or resurrecting an old one that has been rejected. Participants will benefit from practical help to support them whilst they write, with weekly meetings and clear weekly targets to help with progress. Topics such as such as motivation, choosing where to publish, dealing with rejection, goal setting and practical help with writing skills will be covered. The aim of this course is to make writing, if not enjoyable, then at least an easier task to get on with.

Participants will be encouraged to support each other with their writing goals and to offer each other pre-peer review to help improve their final product before submission. Each week the group will meet up to work on topics around a different theme. Participants will then be given a related task to follow up in their writing over the following week. Participants will be expected to continue to work on their paper in the week between sessions, in order to progress toward the goal of a published paper.

Week 1 – Designing your writing plan

Week 2 – Getting your story straight

Week 3 – Outlining

Week 4 – Reviewing the literature

Week 5 – Presenting your evidence

Week 6 – Free

Week 7 – Beginnings and endings

Week 8 – Editing your work & Strengthening your structure

Week 9 – Free

Week 10 – Abstracts

Week 11 – Free

Week 12 – Finishing off your paper

Course Requirement:

In order to take part, researchers must have material which they can turn into a research paper during the course of this programme. This could be, for example, data which you have not yet got round to publishing or a research paper which was rejected and you have not yet got round to rewriting for resubmission.

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