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LabVIEW Introductory and LabVIEW Intermediate Workshops


LabVIEW Introductory Workshop

Don’t miss the valuable introductory seminar and clinic that National Instruments is offering for the faculty of Engineering on the latest release of its LabVIEW graphical programming environment.

This is a great opportunity to get some FREE, hands-on experience of LabVIEW, which covers data acquisition, signal processing, controls and various instrumentation needs.

In this workshop you will:

– Receive three hours of hands-on technical training from a senior engineer on real hardware.

– Explore the latest features in LabVIEW, including simplified textual math, advanced signal processing and analysis and new Express VIs for sound cards and data acquisition.

– Learn how to create complete LabVIEW applications from scratch in minutes with interactive Express VIs and I/O assistants.


LabVIEW Intermediate Workshop

National Instruments is offering you an Intermediate LabVIEW Workshop on-site.

This is a great opportunity to get some FREE Advanced LabVIEW training! You will be attending a 3-hour Hands-On workshop which will provide you with an insight into how to choose the best LabVIEW software architectures for your application. Designed for existing LabVIEW users, this provides a great chance to speak with NI engineers about methods and practices in LabVIEW programming for a variety of applications such as control, data acquisition and testing. Content for the workshop has been taken from our professional LabVIEW courses and provides a great insight into the skills and practices covered with the Professional Development Series.

In this workshop, you will:

– Learn how to fully exploit the benefits of Graphical Programming and Dataflow Execution

– Explore the different Data and Execution structures and how these can be utilised to implement complex architectures

– Learn how to create Modular code so that your application is Readable, Scalable, and Maintainable




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