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Nvivo9 Fundamentals

Course Format

This is a half day hands-on workshop for those wishing to use a qualitative data analysis tool.  This course will be of use to researchers wishing to work with rich text documents who need to combine qualitative coding with linking, shaping, searching and modelling to explore patterns and relationships in the data.


For users with no formal training or informal experience with a qualitative data analysis software.


· Introduction to NVivo interface – creating & saving a project, navigating around NVivo project structure

· Understanding NVivo Sources (Internals, Externals, Memos)

· Importing & working with NVivo Sources including Word documents, PDF files, audio/video files and photos

· Creating Sources within NVivo (i.e. research journal, memos, and annotations)

· Creating External Sources (i.e. books, journals, websites, Excel files, PowerPoint presentations etc)

· Create static model

· Understanding Nodes and Coding

· Understanding Cases and Attributes

· Exploring and managing Nodes


Nvivo Beyond Fundamentals

This is half day (3 hours) training course for those wishing to use a qualitative data analysis tool.

Prerequisites: The course is designed to follow on from the ‘NVivo9 Fundamentals’ course so only those who have attended this course should attend.


• Creating Relationships types and coding at relationship nodes.

• Creating and using Sets.

• Linking project items using Memo Links, See Also Links, and Hyperlinks.

• Searching & exploring your data using the Find and Advanced Find features.

• Creating and using complex Queries to find patterns and relationships.

• Visualising your data by creating dynamic models based on the node structure.

• Visualising your data by creating charts from sources, nodes and attributes.

• Producing various administrative reports of your project items.



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