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Social Science Qualitative Research Methods

Priority for these workshops will be given to PhD students who do not have access to qualitative methods training through their own School.
The following Schools provide their own methods training at Masters level or beyond for their own students. Please access training via your School if you are based within:Education, Law, SSP, LUBS, Media and Communications, PRHS, Design, PCI, Geography, Healthcare and other Schools within Medicine.

Please note: You can book for individual sessions (you do not have to attend all the sessions).

In 2015, there will also be sessions on Sampling for Qualitative Data and Ethnography, Auto-ethnography & Researcher Reflexivity. Details for these sessions are:

Sampling (or choosing cases) in qualitative research
Selecting a representative sub-group from a population is an important task in all research. In practice, thinking about sampling in qualitative research presents challenges that help us to consider the ways in which qualitative research investigates, interprets, and explains social phenomena, and the possibilities for representativeness in social research. Drawing on the main traditions in qualitative researching, this session will consider how we might choose cases, the implications of these choices for the claims we can make from qualitative research, and investigate how many cases are enough in qualitative researching. The session is practical and will provide you with an opportunity to reflect on your own research design.

Ethnography/autoethnography and researcher positioning  4 Feb 2015 2-4.30pm 
This session will look at the strategies and skills necessary for conducting ethnography and ways of including and valuing your own input into such studies in reflexive and rigorous ways.
The session will also be useful for anyone conducting qualitative research because it examines the various roles of the researcher in qualitative studies

Check the calendar or booking system for details of times and dates. Further sessions will be added throughout the year. 

Also check the Research Methods resources which are suitable for researchers starting out with qualitative research.

Join the Qualitative Methods Reading Group, Resonances. The group is aimed at those new to Qualitative Methods and is especially useful for those who do not have access to Social Science methods training in their own School.

More advanced Research Methods training and Events are available through the White Rose Doctoral Training Centre and are advertised on the National Centre for Research Methods

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