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Resources for those starting out with Qualitative Research Methods

Manchester Methods is a collection of open access resources. They also run some free workshops
National Qualitative Data Analysis resources: free resources for supporting those using SS methods. Includes tutorials and case studies.
Cathie Marsh Institute for Social Research (CMIST): provide a wide range of resources and workshops on all aspects of social research, including qualitative methods.
National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM)
Methods Space
Social Research Online
Social Research Association
Plymouth University research methods resources   Open access to useful resources
Surrey University qualitative data resources  Open access to useful resources
Qualitative Research.Net Search for useful discussions about topics such as participant observation.

Also, refer to Associations in your own subject area

Resources recommended by those new to Social Science Research Methods:
Improvising theory : process and temporality in ethnographic fieldwork / Allaine Cerwonka and Liisa H. Malkki. Chicago ; London : University of Chicago Press, 2007. The introductory chapter of this has been recommended by Natalia Bremner, an Arts PhD student conducting Interviews and Participant Observation.
Useful book for those beginning qualitative analysis: Lyn Richards. Handling Qualitative Data
WOLCOTT, H. F. 2001. The Art of Field Work, USA, Altamira Press and SAPSFORD, R. & JUPP, V. 2006. Data Collection and Analysis, London, Sage Publications. Described as ‘informative and fascinating’ by Samyia Ambreen Education PhD student using participant observation/ethnographic studies.
Seale, C. et al. 2007. Qualitative Research Practice: Concise Paperback Edition. London: SAGE. Recommended by Charlotte Elliott, Media and Communications PhD student.

A useful article is: How many interviews are enough

Join forums: 
Resonances is the University’s Qualitative Methods reading group for those Starting out with Qualitative Research. It was set up by an Arts PhD student, and is especially useful for those who do not have access to Social Science methods training in their own School.

Set up your own peer support group. Let me know and we can advertise it here.

Other online forums include:
Methods space

Research ethics:
Guidance and information workshops are available on the University’s Research ethics pages
Attend university ethics workshops
The University also provides drop in clinics for research ethics. Make use of them and, if you have complex legal/ethical issues, they may refer you to the university’s legal dept.
Check the Research & Innovation Service resources.

Make use of the resources on previous projects for things like consent forms
Leeds University’s Timescape project:
Make use of the question bank and other resources in UK Data Service:

In the Field films: Academics talking about their fieldwork

Access and resources for using secondary data
The UK Data Service provides access to data already collected in other studies. Register to access their resources.

Data Analysis Software
If you decide to use analysis software, make use of online webinars and the university’s NVIVO workshops. The university releases these workshops at various times throughout the year.

Reference management software
Endnote is the University supported software. The library provide training through webinars. Other resources include Mendeley, Zotero and CiteULike

Further suggested reading: Consult the reading lists on the library website for Masters level (level 5) Social Science Research Methods training for suggested reading. The Schools which run such level 5 modules include Education, LUBS, Sociology and Social Policy, Environment and Media & Communication Studies. Please let me know of others to add to this list.

Please contact Dr. Jane Mansfield if you would like to recommend other qualitative or mixed methods resources for these pages. Also let me know if any resources aren’t working or aren’t useful.

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